40|30 at the Gherkin – hi def cuisine

Another visit to 40|30 Restaurant in the Gherkin, Norman Fosters landmark building. An amazing venue for a restaurant with unrivaled panoramic views of London. The food is also of a very high standard. Indeed this restaurant has everything going for it. The only thing that I felt spoilt the experience was the acoustics. The music from the bar upstairs and the general background noise made it virtually impossible to follow conversations at our table. Perhaps I’m just going deaf or am too old to appreciate the buzz!  Give me a quiet peaceful restaurant every time.

Generally we have found that the better the view, the worse the food.  This venue is the exception to the rule. The Cod with Feta and Chorizo Tortellini for example was a standout.

There was also good selection of reasonably priced wines, including a rather good Pinor Noir from California (pictured).

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40|30 at the Gherkin – the high life




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