Louis Roederer Cristal – bling bling!

A friend who is emigrating to Australia and is loath to pay the 50% tax on importing some of her fine wine collection, had an informal wine tasting. We started with a glass of Champagne Louis Roederer Cristal 2002. The price of this puts it outside most peoples range (mine included), it is a champagne you tend to associate with footballers wife’s and rappers – money no object, all about the bling!. So it was a great experience to try a glass. Wow – it was absolutely stunning, a dry beautifully balanced wine, with a lovely biscuit bouquet. I do not know why but I rather expected this to be over hyped, instead it was undoubtedly the best champagne I have ever had or probably likely to have.

This was followed by a glass of Bollinger Grand Année vintage 1992, another lovely champagne with a distinct nutty flavour. We also had a selection of Penfolds Grange wines. These and the other wines at the tasting are listed above, and I would struggle to find superlatives to describe them.  Suffice to say I now feel utterly spoiled. Thank you Rita.


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