Menier Chocolate Factory – Just Dessert

The Menier Chocolate Factory,  (so named because the building is a former chocolate factory), just does not make enough of its name.  The building incorporates a gallery, a small theatre, a bar and a restaurant.  Post theatre we stopped for dessert. There was a limited choice, but at least now they do have a couple of chocolate options and make more of an effort on the presentation.

On the food front the Restaurant has gone down hill over recent years.   The matching of menus to what is on at the theatre does not really work, i.e., a 70’s based play merits 70’s style food.

There are some pluses – they do have an ok selection of inexpensive wines and the staff are friendly.

Marks out of 10

Food 4

Service 4.2

Ambience 4.5


UPDATE : November 2010. Definately still sliding down that hill, had a dreadful meal pre theatre.  Next theatre trip I must remember that Brindisa is just 2 minutes away.

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