Awana – on a quiet day

Experienced Awana in what was probably an untypical situation.  That is, on a bank holiday using an evening standard £15 three course set lunch deal.  Other reviews I have read do indicate that this place is normally buzzing. Today however we were one of only four tables occupied over lunch. Not that I am complaining – I enjoyed the lunch. It was a very good deal and I suspect because the kitchen was not so busy maybe slightly better cooked food than normal.

The scallops in particular were lovely,  subtly flavoured with chilli and lemongrass – really moorish. I joked that they were better than the ones we had at Hibiscus, and realised it was not a joke, as they really were discernibly better. The main course selection was more basic, we had a stir fry and a curry dish.  Neither of which would have been worth the full price (but as part of the deal – were more than acceptable). The desserts were interesting too, I had a lovely dish described as egg custard, sogo coconut and caramel, and my companion had a selection of  ice creams which were much more adventurous than you expect with a set lunch  – including one made from the rather infamous Durian fruit.

We  had a couple of very good reasonably priced cocktails in the bar and I was  pleasantly surprised by the quality and range of their wine list.  As well as a good selection by the glass and several bottles under £30, they had an excellent range of fine wines and champagnes.



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