3. Relax in the Park

Sometimes you just have to lie down after lunch. Here are few Parks that are ideal for this.

London– St James Park

This is a small park, but it’s a good place to:-

  • Hire a desk chair
  • Feed the birds (except the Pelicans)


  • Watch the Tourists play with the squirrels.

On our last visit (in the middle of day), we even saw a fox.

Here are a few Videos that set the scene.

  • Some rather lively Coots :-

  • A cute video :-

Barcelona– Parc de la Ciutadella

We have been to most of the parks in Barcelona, this is the one we keep coming back to.

Paris – Jardin de Luxembourg

On a couple of visits we have spotted the ducks, taking rides in the boats. Quite surreal!. Did not manage to catch it on camera unfortunately.

New York– Central Park

Central Park – New York

Great place to watch the world go by, you are sure to spot a few eccentrics.

It is perfectly safe in daylight, so long as you are sensible.

When it snows it is stunning.


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