St Pancras Grand – No Service

We tried the Champagne Afternoon Tea at St Pancras Grand making use of the same half price offer we had used earlier at The Portrait (Normal Price £25.00 per person, with the deal £12.50). Off the two venues The Portrait easily won, with its buzzy atmosphere and friendly service. At the St Pancreas Grand, the room is certainly much grander. However the place was rather lacking in atmosphere and we had no qualms about not paying the discretionary service charge. Main complaints (apart from how dull The Afternoon Tea was) are:-

1. No one to greet us at the door.

2. Room was deserted of waiting staff on more than one occasion.

3. Very curt, disinterested waiter.

4. Getting a Tea Strainer took about 30 minutes and two attempts.

5. No offer of a top up on the tea (although the deal specifically mentioned unlimited tea), and we had 2 teapots between 3 people, so not exactly a fair distribution.

With service like this, if you were planning to catch a train…’d miss it!

Marks out of 10

Food 3

Service 2

Ambience 4


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