2. Hunt down some Art

Take a break from eating, to feast your eyes instead. Here are just a few of the more interesting pieces of art we have found during our travels.

Spotted in Barcelona and Florence – Some examples of the work of polish artist Igor Mitoraj

Spotted in London and New YorkLouise Bourgeois giant spiders

No photographs as Louise Bourgeois work is still covered by copyright.

Spotted in London – Dali and Azam



Lesser know artists:-

Spotted in London

Hidden Art in the backstreets of Victoria, London
Hidden Art in the backstreets of Victoria, London
Installation at Tower Bridge – MIB and UFO
Monument to the Unknown Artist by Greyworld
The above sculpture is animatronic, it’s very subtle.  For more on it, see london-se1 artical.
Cross the Divide by Rick Kirby
The Horses of Helios in Piccadilly Circus - Rudy Weller
The Horses of Helios in Piccadilly Circus by Rudy Weller

Rudy Weller, the Sculptor, is also the designer and co-owner of one of my favorite pubs, the Cross Keys in Chelsea. A smaller version of this work is on display in one of the pubs private rooms.

Update September 2010 – not sure if it is still there now as the Cross Keys is under new ownership.

Spotted in Paddington – where else!

Spotted in Edinburgh

Giraffes in Leith Walk

Spotted in Barcelona

Barcelona Graffiti – no longer on display
Barcelona Graffitti
Barcelona Graffiti
More Grafiti
More Graffiti

Spotted in Paris

Musée d’Orsay Rhino

Spotted in New York

NewYork2004 087
The Knotted Gun – United Nations

NewYork2004 098

NewYork2004 024
World Trade Center Memorial

For more information of “The Sphere” by Fritz Koenig,  installed in Battery Park as a temporary memorial, see :- http://www.flickr.com/photos/mapplegate/1363781398/

Spotted in Italy

Lucky Wild Boar in Florence
The Lucky Wild Boar in Florence


Isn't religion great?
Isn’t religion great?

Spotted in London at the Saachi Gallery

One of the more interesting corners at the Saatchi Gallery

Spotted at Tate Britain

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