Silenus – Losing its Midas touch?

Silenus was always one of the better restaurants in the Ravel area. We have had some really good dishes there,  but on a more recent visit the food was quite ordinary. It had shifted its direction from fusion to more traditional. However it may be on the way back to fusion as recent research shows it being described now as doing  International/Japanese cuisine (Japanese food is very trendy in Barcelona at the moment), so who knows.  On the plus side it is a fairly laid back  place to eat, so we may give it another try on our next visit to Barcelona.


Marks out of 10

Food 5

Service 5

Ambience 5.5


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El Jardí – see if you can find it!

El Jardí is not the easiest place to find, it is in the grounds of the Hospital de la Santa Creu/next to the Massana Art school in El Raval.

It’s an open air bar that does pretty basic meals/snacks. It is popular with students, but be warned the area around it can be a bit edgy .

See video of Buskers at El Jardi from a few years ago:-

We started chilling out here when it was little more than a few tables and a portable loo. Its grown up a bit since then. You may need to wait for a table when its busy, but it’s worth a short wait, table turn around is not too bad.


Marks out of 10

Food  4

Service 4

Ambience 7


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