Bermondsey Street Festival – Who let the dogs out?

The weather was good again for the Bermondsey Street Festival.  This annual festival definitely had more stalls this year.  Hopefully it will keep growing, as Bermondsey Street is well positioned for this type of event, with the small farmers market in the square at the top of the street and the park in the middle.

As well as the stalls showcasing the area and selling food and drink, there is the Fashion Show  (Zandra Rhodes Fashion & Textile Museum is located on Bermondsey Street). It is also a good day out for the areas dogs, who get to show off at the Dog Show.

The other advantage of this festival, is that it gives you a chance to try out some of the restaurants in the area, see

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Del’Aziz – expanding!

For a bit of everything Del’Aziz the Mediterranean Delicatessen and Brasserie is great, they have their deli counters (of course) and a really good selection of cakes (portion control is a problem though, sometimes bigger is not better!).  I have only been to the ones in Bankside and Fulham.




UPDATE : September 2010 – I passed by their new outpost  in Bermondsey Square yesterday during the annual Bermondsey Street Festival and it looked good.

Del’Aziz in Bermondsey Square
Del Aziz – Long Lane entrance

UPDATE : May 2011 – Finally tried the Bermondsey Square branch, it has outdoor seating at the front and in the Square, which is a great little sun trap. Identical formula and quality level as the other branches of Del’Aziz.

Marks out of 10

Food 6

Service 6

Ambience 6


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