What’s is No Expert doing next?

Well, we are working our way slowly through our Wish list, with visits to Bob Bob Ricard and the oh so famous Sketch, which should be interesting!

Sketch won a No Expert award for the worst restaurant web site a while back, but they have completely revamped it now.  The new one is much easier to navigate, but still a bit OTT and not exactly easy on the eyes, as you will see if you click on this link.

We are also trying out a new place at Londons Vertical Gateway or Battersea Heliport as it is better known. It’s called Patrisey. I am sure it won’t be in the same league (food wise) as the two restaurants I have just mentioned – It has a VIEW and from experience we have found that the better the view the worse the food tends to be.  Here’s hoping it’s one of the exceptions to that unwritten rule 😉

There is a bit of a Russian Theme here with Bob Bob Ricard off course and the fact that Sketch and Hotel Verta (where Patrisey is located) look like the sort of venues where you might spot the odd Russian Oligarch.