The Ratatouille moments

This page is dedicated to the rare food moments that take you back in time. If you remember the critic tasting scene in the film Ratatouille, you will know what I mean  – If you haven’t seen the film I can thoroughly recommend it as it is one of Pixars best (don’t watch the clips or it will spoil it for you).

The Ratatouille moments:-

  • Raco de’n Friexa: The iced raspberries, served with the Petits fours – took me back to my childhood, when I was picking/eating  juicy wild raspberries from the bushes in the fields near my home.
  • The Capital :  Herring fish course, so distinct and strong in flavour – took me back to all the childhood meals of Potted Herrings I had, when our neighbours brought back fresh fish from Aberdeen.
  • The Foliage: Sea Bream dish had such a wonderful full flavour. I was transported back to the harbour in Oban as a child watching the fish being unloaded from the trawlers.
  • Pied à terre: Strangely this was from a dessert wine. It was my first taste of PX sherry. It was a rare treacle (rather than raisin/chocolate) variety that conjured up distinct memories of eating treacle toffees in the back of my dads old car .


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