2. Art Vents

Art can be a very controversial subject, so just ripe for vents, here are some of ours.

Tracey Emin – Special Case

Tracey Emin is reporting that she may have to leave Britain for France in order to avoid paying Tax. Oh dear my heart bleeds for her.

“The taxes are too high, there aren’t enough incentives to work hard,…”

So Tracy are you really telling me you work hard to produce what you do….wow.

I think you should really reflect on the nature of “hard work”. A nurse in a hospital works hard for very little reward. The only thing you have in common is that you both work with s*** all day long.

You should think yourself lucky that you have a ‘job’ that earns you large amounts of money and that you enjoy.

“At least in France their politicians have always understood the importance of culture and they have traditionally helped out artists with subsidy and some tax advantages,”

Tracy the only cultural contribution you and your fellow Art Marketeers have made is to be another marker in the decay of Western Art Criticism where B***s*** is recognised as genius!

Vent over, here is the list:

The list is in no particular order. ūüėČ

1. Artists who copyright public art.

2. Artists with no technical skills Рwho think Art is stuffing a dead mouse in a cotton wool box or some such nonsense.

3. Artists who get other people to make their art.

4. Artists who are more into self publicity than the work itself.

5. Art that is a blight on the surrounding landscape, this can apply to both badly done graffiti and art installations that just jar.

Typical example
Typical example

6. Art vandals Рbe it:-

  • Councils with no sense of humour – e.g., the¬†damaged¬†Banksy in Hackney.
  • Bar owners who destroy/paint over original commissioned art in favour of catalogue style decor.




  • Art destroyed for political reasons¬†– e.g., the Diego Rivera mural in the Rockefeller Centre.

I should however point out that I definitely do not include the cleaner who threw out Damien Hursts work in this category, I would suggest that cleaner is co-opted to judge the Turner Prize.

7. Crazy Price Tags.

Read more : Guardian – Art Feature

8. Conceptual art that is simply pretentious – a prime example of this is Colombian artist Doris Salcedo’s work Shibboleth, nick-named Doris’s crack.

Read more: Daily Mail – Article

This work in my view also qualifies as an example for Vents 2,3,4,5 and 7.

9. Art as a Market commodity.

10. People who buy art and keep it in a vault.

11. Art that is big just for the sake of it.

12. Art galleries that are so busy that checking out the art is next to impossible – it’s like being on a conveyor belt.

13. Art that is so badly constructed that it decays within the Artists life time (that does not include temporary Art in a medium that is meant to decay, like Pumpkin Carving or Ice Sculptures).

14. Art that needs an essay in order to impart its meaning.

15.¬† Art NewSpeak – pretentious and pompous explanations of an “art work”.

16. Art that can only offend – e.g.,


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