Cafe Luc – European Grand Cafe

Cafe Luc in Marylebone is as advertised, a European Grand Cafe.  The atmosphere on entering is inviting and the service is efficient. It was running like a well oiled machine when we popped in for brunch – well the idea was to just have brunch, but we extended it to having dessert as well.

We ordered the Eggs Royale, and a couple of glasses of wine, and sat back to relax and people watch.  The wine and food arrived quickly. The clientel seemed to be pretty international.  American, German and Australian accents could be heard.  The age group was fairly mixed too, ranging from young families to older couples. The place had a real buzz to it.

We moved on to dessert, I just had coffee and a selection of petits fours – Palmiers, canelé de Bordeaux and chocolate truffle.  My companion made a better choice by going for the Roasted pineapple with coconut sorbet and pistachio.  This was delicious. A larger portion of pineapple than expected, with some rather good coconut sorbet. The dish is served with a knife, fork and spoon. The spoon is essential for the juice, which is not to be missed. The combination of the pineapple juice, coconut and a hint of pistachio, makes for a very moorish sweet soup.

So if you are in the Marylebone area, Cafe Luc is worth remembering.

Marks out of 10

Food 5.9

Service 6.1

Ambience 6


UPDATE Dec 2011 – Cafe Luc is now closed.


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