Highland Heritage – Highland Lodge Meets Swiss Chalet?

A post from No Experts Australian Correspondent

We turned up at Highland Heritage at 1:20pm, amazed to be greeted by a sign that said the restaurant was closed! Quite a shock at 1:20pm on a Sunday afternoon. On popping onto the Railway carriage which Highland Heritage uses as  a Cellar Door, we were advised to go in and ask, because some other customers had just gone inside! We decided to have a try, and were rewarded with a window table with lovely views of the vineyard.

The restaurant itself had the interior design that was somewhat of a cross between a Highland Lodge and Alpine Chalet! The venue specialises in Weddings and other functions, however the food was fairly decent. Our starters of Crab Ravioli with Prawns had good flavour and the prawns were well cooked but the crab stuffing in ravioli was slightly dry.  Scallops and Chorizo were well balanced, however the Chorizo had been chopped so thickly, that it made it quite difficult to chew. Main courses were much better, with a lovely piece of Angus Sirloin and soft well cooked duck.

We skipped desert, as the road to Sydney beckoned.  A  nice enough place, but I don’t think we’d go out of our way to go back, especially in light of the number of fine dining restaurants in the Orange region.

Marks out of 10

Food 4.6

Service 4.2

Ambience 5


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