The Hide Bar – Hidden Gem

The Hide Bar is one of my favourite bars. They take drink seriously here, i.e., they do not do any old wines, beers or spirits.  They focus on the “good stuff” and design a lot of their own cocktails.  They also do regular wine, beer and spirit tastings in the back room.

We popped in for a quick drink at Halloween:-.

They have a pretty basic food menu, and serve some food during the tasting events (normally selected to match the beverages, e.g., Oysters and Champagne, Beer and Sausages, Armagnac and Cheese).  The food can be a bit hit and miss – occasionally very good, but more often fairly ordinary.

Marks out of 10

Food 5

Drink 8

Service 7 (Bar service and waiter/waitress service)

Ambience 7


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