Miles Cafe Culture in Ramsgate

One of the highlights on the culinary front, in an area sadly lacking in good places to eat, is Miles Cafe Culture.  It is in a prime location overlooking the harbour.  It is open all day/every day.  It has a very good breakfast menu,  much better that the usual greasy all day breakfasts a lot of the places in Ramsgate do. The handmade sausages being a highlight.

The kitchen is pretty much geared up to provide an opportunity for all day food grazing, should you find it hard to leave!  On our last visit we were especially impressed by the “fresh” Calamari* rings that were made to order.

It’s also a good venue for a relaxed Sunday Lunch too. I would suggest booking for that, as there is limited space in the Restaurant section and this is popular among the more well healed locals and London visitors.

The wines are also of a good standard, from about £40 for the Amerone to about £13 for the Riddle Riesling-Gewürztraminer.

UPDATE – December 2013 : We paid another Visit to this vibrant bar, but were very disappointed when we ordered the Calamari*, it had been so lovely on my last visit, I just assumed it would be again. No such luck – something had definitely changed. It was like eating elastic bands. I love Calamari when it is done well and hate it when it is like this. So much as I like Miles Cafe, I think I will restrict myself to just ordering drinks in future.

UPDATE – June 2019 : CLOSED and in its place is an excellent restaurant/cafe/bar called Little Ships.

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2 thoughts on “Miles Cafe Culture in Ramsgate”

  1. I think the write up to Miles Bar is headed correctly ‘No Expert’ My family have been visiting Ramsgate for the passed few months looking for a house to buy, we have used Miles bar ever since first discovering it. The View is without doubt beautiful, overlooking the Royal Harbour and its Marina, the food is better (price for Price) than we have ever had and the staff are wonderful. Get things right please.
    Janet D’Arcey

  2. Having the name of ‘No Expert’ relates to the fact that we are paying customers, not professional food critics and as customers we consider Miles Cafe Culture in Ramsgate to be a quality establishment as you should be able to tell from our writeups. We have been regular visitors since it opened several years ago in its first location and have spent many hours here enjoying the food and drink. However we try to be realistic and consistent in our markings (see our Restaurant Rating Charts for details). Miles definitely falls into the category of good pub food, hence the marks (anything more than a 5 we regard as good). We have also reviewed a number of highly acclaimed restaurants like The Sportsman in Whitstable. A Michelin star restaurant which in our opinion clearly merits higher marks on the food. On the service front at Miles’s, you also have to remember that you can only order at the bar, so although the staff are pleasant and helpful, we’re not taking about the kind of service levels we have experienced over the years at some of the worlds top restaurants.

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