Not recommended – Candidates for the worst of the worst award

Here is a list of restaurants based on my experience that are worth avoiding:-

Restaurants in the “Worst of the worst category” that have their own posts:-

  1. Abode, Canterbury
  2. Alfies, London
  3. Craft, New York
  4. Omero, Florence
  5. Harveys, Ramsgate
  6. Hibiscus, London

Restaurants that do not have their own posts:-

Beau Rivage Palace (La Rotonde) , Lausanne snooty service and tasteless cooking in a very grand setting.

Marks out of 10

Food 3

Service 3

Ambience 7

Fortunately this place is now gone, replaced by Anne-Sophie Pics new Restaurant.

Casa Calvert, Barcelona– dull, with bad service. My main course arrived with the jus dripping off the side of the plate, the waiter did not even notice. The modernista decor was not enough to justify the visit.


Marks out of 10

Food 3

Service 3

Ambience  3

La Dama, Barcelona – beautiful building, very disappointing food, check out the prices on the La Dama website too,  this is most definitely a tourist trap.

The wine list however is first class.

Marks out of 10

Food 2

Service 3

Ambience 5

Restaurant Terrassa, Barcelona – when lit up with fairy lights at night this place looks stunning (from the outside), then you go inside and it looks very dodgy. Eating here was a big mistake.



Marks out of 10

Food 1

Service 1

Ambience 1

At the end of the year I will nominate the Restaurant that qualifies as the worst of the worst for 2009.

For the other end of the spectrum, see the Best of the best.


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