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We had heard good things about Inopia, but were not sure it would be our scene, as it seemed a little too trendy and lively for our tastes, but we decided to give it a go. Following advice from other food bloggers we arrived early (about 7:30 to avoid the queues) the red rope was raised and we got the last two seats.

The place was already buzzing,  food bloggers were clearly in situ, armed with cameras and note books. For such a busy place the service was exceptional, friendly and efficient.

Here is a short video:-

As you would expect with the el Bulli connection (Inopia is owned by el Bulli’s dessert chef, Alberto Adria), the food quality and service was definitely well above your average tapas. We were happy to follow the waiters recommendations, sampling top quality tapas favourites like  Patatas Bravas and ham croquettes, along with other dishes such as the Russian Salad and the Tuna carpaccio, we had about 7 dishes in total, washed down with a couple of glasses of Kalimotxo and a refreshing complimentary liqueur.

UPDATE November 2010 – Last weekend, the last tapas were served at Inopia, co-owned by Alberto Adrià, who is said to have been too busy working on another project to mourn over the closing, the place is soon to reopen under a new name, Lolita.

Marks out of 10

Food 7

Service 7.5

Ambience 7.8

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4 thoughts on “Inopia – VIP tapas”

  1. Aah, we went here couple of years ago and loved it! I remember that they had no English menus and we had left our dictionary at the hotel… it sure was fun!

    Love your site, will be spending some time reading your stories 🙂

    Keep up the fantastic eating,


  2. A friend of mine just started working at The Kitchin! I will get to go for my first Michelin star dinner after next week and I chose Martin Wishart in Edinburgh!!!
    I can hardly wait for it 🙂

    Can I ask your advice? How do you deal with taking photos in ‘fancier’ places?
    Do you ask in advance if it’s OK or do you just snap away and see what happens? Has anyone ever said no?

    No-one has ever told me to stop taking pictures but I do get funny looks from the waiting staff from time to time…

    Thanks a bunch if you get time to answer!

  3. We have never had to ask in any of the Restaurants we have been too. We tend to be quite discrete, i.e., use a small camera, no flash photography, and try to avoid taking pictures of other dinners. There has been a bit of a debate about it on Twitter, but the general concensus is, that it is perfectly acceptable so long as you are sensible.

    Hope you had a great time at Martin Wishart.

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